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Promofresh is a specialist promotions and marketing company focusing on the
fresh produce industry and speciality foods.


We conduct consumer promotions and market development campaigns for major retailers and producers organisations.
We also run trade campaigns with the informal traders in the fresh produce supply chain. 

Promofresh was established in 2000 in Gauteng. The company is headed by Ruth Behr, who has been working in the produce industry for over twenty years. Specializing in market development and co-ordination of promotional activities and public relations. She has been involved in consumer advice programs, recipe development, food styling and nutritional analysis, this all forms part of the variety of services rendered. All Promofresh consultants consist of friendly and well-trained individuals with a background in the food industry. Most are involved in Food Technology, Dietetics, Food Management, Hospitality & the Retail Industry.


Informal Trader Education

New trading opportunities

Retail In-Store Promotions

Engaging consumers

Township Promotions

Reaching the real consumer

Market Campaigns

Growing trader base

Our services are based on the following focus points:

  • Creating awareness amongst South African consumers on fresh produce in general.
  • Educating consumers of the cultivars and varieties available, especially unknown varieties of fresh produce.
  • Informing consumers on ripeness evaluation, handling and storage requirements.
  • Emphasizing the exceptional qualities of fresh produce.
  • Introducing new preparation and serving suggestions.
  • Promoting nutritional benefits.

Retail in-store activities

In-store activities are a powerful way of communicating directly with the consumer. Promofresh conduct in-store programmes in major retail stores in South Africa on a weekly basis. We have the expertise to execute specialist in-store activities.

The advantages of in-store activities are:
• The opportunity to offer sample tastings
• Activity at the point of purchase – this is where the buying decision is made
• Face to face communication with consumers that enables education and facilitates feedback

Informal trader (Hawker) education

The informal traders of fresh produce play a great role in the local supply chain as well increasing demand for local agricultural produce. Education and training of this sector is valuable, as the trader’s knowledge is often passed down to the consumer.

Two options can be followed with the education of informal traders:

Market Floor Promotions:
Education campaigns are held at selected fresh produce markets. Selected agents are involved and information points are set up on the market floor. This is where one-on-one contact can be made with buyers. Information points are hosted by product advisors who can advise the informal traders, in their own language, on handling, storage, ripening, marketing & food safety, etc. Taste comparisons can also be done at the information points. 

Field Marketing:
Food Advisors visit informal traders at their stands in townships and city centres, where they provide traders with information and conduct surveys. The market is assesed and new opportunities are identified. This is a unique way to reach an otherwise untapped market.

Township promotions

Face to face communication with the consumer enables education and facilitates feedback. Promotions are hosted at the traders’ stands.

Displays, banners and promotional material are used to draw attention to the promotion. Consumers in the townships get the opportunity to trial the product and interact with the advisors. Promotions enable the consumers to build trust and loyalty towards a product.

Informal traders appreciate the sales support they receive during the promotions. They gain valuable sales and marketing skills, while improving their businesses.

  • Shoprite Checkers group
  • Freshmark
  • SA Stone Fruit Producers’ Association (SASPA),
  • South African Avocado Growers Association, 
  • Sharon-fruit South Africa
  • Potatoes South Africa
  • Denny Mushrooms